Strategic Infrastructure Development and Enhancement Plan

Modernizing the Natural Gas System in Central Maryland

What is STRIDE?

Natural Gas Infrastructure Modernization

BGE’s STRIDE plan is modernizing the gas system serving our more than 650,000 natural gas customers in nine Maryland counties and Baltimore City. We are replacing cast iron pipes and other outmoded, leak-prone materials with durable new materials.

An Accelerated Pace of Work

BGE has been replacing gas equipment for a number of years, but with passage of Maryland’s STRIDE law in 2013, we were able to greatly accelerate our efforts. The first five years of our STRIDE plan have been a success, and now we are seeking to further increase the pace, completing the replacement of outmoded pipes in 20 years.

A Cost-Effective Framework

By doing more work sooner and recovering investments as the work is performed, STRIDE works efficiently to get the job done for customers. As a major infrastructure investment, this is also an engine driving economic development in the region.

Why STRIDE is Important for BGE Customers and Marylanders.

Through STRIDE, we are delivering safer, more reliable gas service to customers by replacing approximately 1,300 miles of cast iron gas mains.

See STRIDE in Action

200 Years of Powerful Partnerships
STRIDE: Installing 20 Inch Gas Lines

Safety and Reliability

To date, BGE has replaced more than 100 miles of gas mainsand more than 25,000 service pipes that connect BGE customers to the gas system.

Since 2014, BGE has nearly 200 STRIDE projects completed, underway or in the planning stages. This year alone (2017) BGE has 75 separate projects that range from upgrading the gas systems in entire neighborhoods to replacing gas mains along individual streets.

Gas utilities across Maryland are making similar progress under STRIDE.


In the past three years alone, pipe replacements have led to a reduction of more than 1 million pounds of methane gas—a major greenhouse gas.

Once all improvements to BGE’s natural gas system are made, it is estimated that the GHG emissions will have been reduced by 210,000 metric tons per year compared to 2013. This is the equivalent of taking 44,000 cars off the road.

Jobs and Economic Development

So far, STRIDE projects have created approximately 850 full-time jobs statewide, 600 of which are for BGE projects. BGE has invested more than $260 million since 2014 helping Maryland’s economy grow. BGE expects to invest more than $130 million in the modernization of the gas system in 2017.

Pay as you go

  • The STRIDE model makes it possible to recover investments as the work is performed, helping to avoid carrying costs from delayed recovery of the investments. The vast majority of states—especially those with older infrastructure systems—have adopted models like STRIDE to fund modernization programs.
  • STRIDE provides a more predictable, efficient cost-recovery mechanism for customers and the utility, ensuring more infrastructure investment sooner.
  • Investments in the gas system must be made. STRIDE only changes the timing of when costs are recovered.
  • The STRIDE law includes important consumer protections including a monthly $2 maximum cap on the STRIDE charge for residential gas customers.
  • Through STRIDE, gas utilities provide modernization plans in advance and update the Maryland Public Service Commission on progress. The STRIDE model provides more transparency to utility investment plans for customers.

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